Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Documentary Heaven

At last! There's a website where you can watch documentaries online. Some are subtitled. Enjoy the benefits of learning about interesting issues while you are improving your understanding skills with a very plain (scientific) language.Enjoy yourself! Click on the image to go to the website.


Sara Carrero said...

Thank you very much for the website, Erasmo. It's just the thing I need to improve my understanding skills.

Mayte said...

Thank you very much!! :)


and so am I that you both liked it.
I feel rewarded!

Mariluz said...

It´s a wonderful website where we can improve our listening and we can learn a lot of new vocabulary.
Thank you for your help!!

Eugenio said...

Interesting link.
I´ll do my best to watch many documentaries and learn many interesting issues in English.
Thanks for this post, Erasmo.