Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Have you ever considered if multitasking is really efficent? Watch this video and reach your own conclusions.

However, if you want a more serious view of the matter, watch this other one.
What's your opinion now? Are you still for multitasking? Comments below, please.


Ana Peñas said...

I completely agree, when I`m cooking and sending washap at the same time my food tastes
burnt, and I don’t have multitasking devices….It´s the same that if you are cooking ironing and having an argument with your children….

Chary said...

I agree with Paolo and Ana. It is impossible to do different things at the same time, if you want all of them are well done obviously.
And the reason given by Nicholas Carr is true. When we receive some information of the world you only remember one of them because you finish focusing in one. The same occurs when we want to do different things, at the end we finish focusing in one of them according to the priority.
Anyway, we keep doing multitasking even though we know the final result.

Eugenio said...

Innovative ideas to turn appliances into monotasking devices,..and cheap, too. Hehehe. There are mobile covers for everything!
I agree with the idea that sometimes, if you don´t focus your attention in only a task you could fail at all.
But sometimes listening to a relaxing melody while you are reading a book, or driving your car can help you to calm down.

raul tolosa said...

I have enjoyed pretty much both videos. Paolo's video, in a mocking way is explaining how technology has changed our daily routines. Me for example, I use the GPS, even to get to closer placer where I'm used to going. The other video, was in fact more serious but in the end is saying the same: we've overexploted the short-term memory.

marta estévez said...

According to Paolo's video, It seems there are people who don't be able to do multitasking and I believe I am ones of them.
In my case, I'm a monotasking person. In fact, when I multitask It appears that a hurricane arrives. I suppose my brain can't focusing in more than one action.
Nevertheless, I feel less worried after I watched this video as there are more people seems to be like me.

Marta Estévez

Sara Carrero said...

I think multitasking is not really efficient because if you pay attention to some activities at the same time, surely you won’t do any of them in a correct way or they will be unfinished.
In my opinion, you will save more time if you do the tasks one by one and carefully.