Monday, 28 October 2013


In this unit, we've started to get acquainted with the ELP. Advanced students will profit from its informative dimension. If you are one of these, I guess you are in strong need for a C.V. of your competence in the languages you already know, either for professional or academic reasons. It can be very useful in case you want to apply for promotion in your job, to find a job, to get a scholarship or to take part in a student or professional exchange, among other examples. We began by getting acquainted with the European Reference Levels and the 5 skills.
Do this activity for levels A2 to B2
Do this activity for levels B1 to C1

Moreover, I strongly reccommend reading this document (it's in Spanish) issued by EOI de Pamplona. It's a language learners' guide.

And finally, log in the Electronic Portfoliio (ePEL) and fill in the "Tablas de Atoevaluación".


Marina said...
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Marina said...

Hello, my name is Marina
During this course I would like to learn speaking english fluently and of course to understand it, that is to improve my vocabulary (to be able to communicate),also to improve my writing, reading and pronunciation

Eugenio said...

Mates! we must do something to improve our English.
Let´s go to Aqua´s Bar for example.
Lastly I´ve heard that there is another pub where you can sing in a karaoke (a karaoke bar where you can also have a culture exchange with foreign people, as in Aqua´s bar).
Let´s make a group from different classes and levels and go for it!
who enrolls?