Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fashion Haul ♥ (H&M and Zara)

  1. Watch this video by adorable Annie Jaffrey. Then fill in the worksheet as instructed, but do not look at the key until you've tried hard enough! You can also have a look at her blog and learn more about her, about fashion, outfits, make up, food and , best of all, how to look beautiful (even if you aren't).
  2. Imagine you were given two items of clothing for your birthday which you don't like. You have decided to sell them on eBay. Write a detailed description, making them sound as attractive as possible, and post it as a comment.


Unknown said...

I don´t know where I have to write the activity about selling clothes on eBay. I´m going to put it here.

José Arias Irigoyen NA 1º B 5th November, 2013


The cold is here and you need to buy new winter clothes. I can sell you a beautiful green woollen scarf. It´s made with original Scottish wool, the best in the world. If the temperature is below zero you´ll be able to go to the mountain with my scarf. You´ll be never cold. But, if you don´t want to be cold at home I also have these smart brown suede slippers for you. They´re made in Sweden and your feet will be always hot.
You can get these clothes on the cheap. You only have to pay me 120 euros and you´ll receive them in your home. Don´t lose this genuine bargain!

Unknown said...
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Eva said...

Eva Infante Quintero NA 1ªB

Luxurious but affordable knee-lenght black leather coat with a smart fur collar

That's the absolutely essential coat you need when winter comes. It's stylish although practical as well. It's a knee-lenght coat with two pockets on both sides of the waist. It has a buckle on the cuffs to fit the sleeves to your wrists. Besides that, it owns a black leather belt to tie around your waist. That will suit you!! However,it'll look really cute too if you wear it loose. But, what makes it outstanding is its fur collar, soft and silky. The coat is a medium and made in Taiwan. Even though it's a second-hand item of clothing, it looks like a new one. The lining only has a tiny burn almost invisible. You may use it not only for dressing up, but also to dress in a casual way with a pair of jeans or leggings and tall boots.

I sell it with a lovely black suede pair of gloves. They are free size and the perfect accesory for the coat.

Haven't you bidded for them yet? Do it right now!!

Anonymous said...

Sandra Sánchez López

Vintage long length brown leather coat

Who wouldn´t like to have a stylish brown leather coat with a fur collar? If you are a person that you think that the classics are always a hit, this is your opportunity. Here, I present to you a beautiful long warm coat which you´ll be able to use to dress up one night, dress smartly for work or even to shelter from the rain, because its cloth is waterproof. The coat is size 36, although it´s quite loose. As you can look at the photo, it´s new; the label is on a pocket. If you want to get it at the time, the price is €150. Isn´t it a bargain?

Get in touch with me and I´ll tell you everything about this garment.

Never forget this, good things aren´t always the most expensive.

Anonymous said...

Antonio Abad Blandón García NA 1ºB

I sell two essential pieces of clothes for this winter:

- A brand new red coat. It´s a stylish checked coat with five black buttons and three big pockets.It´s large size and very fashionable. this coat can be yours for only 70 euros.

- An original cotton pullover. It´s a striped yellow pullover with a big black fish on it. It´s very warm and it has a V-neck. Nice price: 40 euros.

If you buy these items together, I will give you a 30% discount.

Antonio Salas Mas said...

"Amaaaaazing warm kit of a sweater and a hat!"

Hello dear sellers!
Here I show you a fantastic pack of two marvellous clothes for this winter.
Firstly, you have a fantastic warm black homemade woolen hat. With this hat you will forget low temperatures and it will keep your brain and your ideas warm.

But that isn't all! Are you in love with clothes which make you scracth all day?
So, you can't lose this item! You can get an awesome warm red homemade cotton sweater, very useful for this winter. It is in the medium size and You will suit with it!

And the price is also amazing! You can get the pack of the two clothes paying only €49.99.
It's is crazy!

Manuel Enrique De Luna López said...
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Manuel Enrique De Luna López said...
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Manuel Enrique De Luna López said...

I'm selling two items of clothing that I’ve never worn them. I want to sell them because they have been a present, they don’t fit me and I can’t take them back.

It’ll only be allowed the purchase in auction, and don’t be allowed international bids.

The first item of clothing is a white and blue checked shirt, its brand is Polo by Ralph Laurent and it has the brand on the chest, it has short sleeves and is 100 % cotton. In the picture you can see this shirt is going to come into fashion next summer. Finally you can wash this item into a washing machine.

The second piece of clothing are some blue cotton trousers, they are tight and they really match the first shirt, their brand is Liberto, and they were out the fashion a time ago but now these trousers are back in fashion, because they are a classic.

I can only tell you if you win this auction, you never look like a naff man wearing these excellent pieces of clothing that, not only have a great quality but also may you get very cheap.

You'll be able to pay these items either by paypal or in cash.

Manuel Enrique De Luna López said...
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Zoilo said...

On sell two essential items if you want to be all the rage this season:

The first bargain is an amazing black hooded sweatshirt, Adidas trademark,golden logo,ideal for sport practice or casual wearing,size L, it´s brand new only for 25€(real price 55€).

And the second one is a stunning black leather jacket, zipper detailed cuffs, size M, perfect for going out or for bikers. Bought on ZARA only for 35€(real price 70€).

I put them on sell because don´t fit me. Free delivery.

María Balbás said...

I sell a night dress. I bought it the last month for my birthday, so I wear it only once. This is a smart blue silk dress with a white flower on the shoulder and a elegant blue belt with a beautiful golden buckle. So I sell a elegant blue wide-brimmed hat matches the dress. Finally I sell a high hells blue shoes matches dress.

You can buy all for only 100 €. It's a very good occasion to buy a beautiful night dress with all accessory.

Carlos Arce said...

Stunning and completely new!!
A pair of Dr. Martens men boots, size 43: A wonderful pair of unused brown leather boots! The boots have laces and are made with elegant and trendy design. They are absolutely waterproof and have a rubber air cushion sole to keep your feet warm and dry. The price in shops is 120 € whereas if you buy this pair, only will pay 90 €.
A man Dockers shirt, L-size: A smart and trendy loose long-sleeved shirt with elegant stripes and a pocket in the left side. This is a white shirt with little grey closed stripes which never go out of style. This shirt lets you to wear it in stylish comfort under a blazer for a night out or if you roll up the sleeves for a more casual look. In shops it cost 75 €, but here it cost only 50 €.
But also, if you buy both of them, you will save 20 €!! Do not delay and buy it now!!

Ana Peñas said...

Hello all people,
I know,I know you are waiting expectantly for my bargain of this week, and just it now.
Las month I went to London for my business and I bought an incredible, stylish woman suit and this is my sell.
The suit is the most beautiful that you have never seen, the more I see it, the better looks like. Well, my suit doesn’t have an acquaintance brand because is the only one you will be find made for a new fashion designer.
The suit has two pieces: a tight knee- length light –grey cotton dress that matches with a smart tight dark grey jacket whit two pockets in its sides and a zipper detail on the back. The dress is striped in pink. The side is the 38 and you can use it in a formal or casual way; it depends on your style and situation.
The prize of this spectacular offer is only 80€ and the postage are including. Don’t wait more and phone me, if you are the first I’ll give you pink heels which matches with the suit.

Anonymous said...

Mª Ángeles
If you love stylish modern clothes with great lines and quality, you could clad with a boldness strapless dress. Characteristic’s dress are a luxury beautiful large black natural silk dress. The dress is featuring a rear zip fastening with black tulle ruffled like overskirt finish with asymmetric scalloped hemline. At the top is embroidered with precious stones like Swarovski’s. The dress had made by influent designer, it is new dress without used for the first time with label yet. The dress is matches with a pair of high heels red patent leather shoes and a beautiful red velvet purse. I would like to sell all because the dress was a present of my ex-boyfriend, although this dress is lovely. The buyer won’t have extra charges, I’ll pay them. The dress has purchase price.

R. García León said...


I’m looking for a daring amusing person who wants to live an adventure this Christmas. If you´re one of them, I´m thrilled you´ve seen this ad because this is your opportunity to demonstrate your comical skills to your family and friends!

I’m going to sell you the most special hoodie you’ve ever seen. It’s a warm white Irish woolen long-sleeved hoodie which is exclusively handmade of 100% pure wool by an Irish grandma. Natural, organic and easy-care. However, what makes it so special is its unique style: its design represents a snowman. On the front side, it has three black woolen balls as if they were buttons and on the hood, there are two more symbolizing its eyes. Besides, it has a really cute little black wool bowler hat on the top of the hood and my favourite detail: an amazing orange crochet carrot also on the hood. (I call it the Ho-ho-ho Hoodie) Would you like getting rid of your conservative and old-fashioned relatives? Just put you on the ho- ho- ho hoodie and they´ll run terrified!! At the end of the day, Christmas is a date to enjoy!

But that´s not all!!! If you’re also a devotee of ladybugs, I’ll give you something which makes you fly (of enthusiasm). It´s a beautiful short corduroy accordion-pleated skirt, red with black polka dots. Amazing! It has grosgrain elastic at waist and a hidden side zip. With this head-turning skirt, you can flaunt your feminine silhouette.

The ho-ho-ho hoodie price is just 20€ and the ladybug skirt price is 10€, far below their original price! Chivvy up and call me, they´re going to be sold like hotcakes.

Lourdes said...

Do you need a fashionable handbag or maybe a fantastic jacket? If you´re going to a special dating don´t hesitate to buy them.
When you see the smart black jacket you´ll be fascinated. The jacket is a medium and besides it´s lightweight I´m sure that it´ll suit you well.
And the sweetly stylish handbag matches very good the jacket. It´s small gold-coloured and handmade in Brazil. Is it quite trendy, isn´t it? It can be worn with casual pair of jeans or stylish dress.

Now, it is your own choice!

Lourdes said...
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Mariluz said...

Would you like to have a pair of new high heel platform leather boots?
Today is your lucky day, I´m selling an expensive and luxury brand pair of fashionable boots at half price. They are size 6 and they have been manufactured in Italy.
If you want to get a bargain add your bid before the time ends.
If you are the best bidder I have a wonderful present for you: A new black Italian leather belt and an amazing small black and white Italian leather handbag too who match with the boots.

Cristina Corchero Hato 1A NA said...

Here I show you two items of clothing which I want sell them because they have been a birthday present and I have two items very similar to them. Moreover, they don´t fit me.
The first article of clothing is a M-size large black coat with satin cuffs, a fur collar and two velvet pockets.
The second garment is a flat brown plain leather shoes with a velvet bow on the front.
These pieces of clothes are beautiful, ideal and essential for this cold winter.
The price of this offer is only 55E. It´s fantastic and a very good occasion to buy.If you buy them before this year, you will give you a bag which matches the coat and the shoes. Furthermore, you will save 15E!
Don´t wait more and buy it now!

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