Tuesday, 8 October 2013


This week, we'll rehearse how to speak in public, in front of an audience or an examining board. At this point we are wondering what makes a good public speaker. We've come to the conclusion that in the Spanish educational system very little effort is put on training students to prepare a speech or to address an audience. And this is something that, sooner or later, we have to do for our professional development. There's little doubt that some people are better at communicating than others, but nevertheless, there are some useful techniques to improve speaking in front of an audience. You can find some of these tips in the video below. The Common Reference Framework also provides descriptors for this task. They can be very useful to assess yourself towards your own "speaking in public" competence. Have a look at them!
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Cristina Corchero said...

From my point of view,public speaking is very difficult for me, as it makes me very nervous that everyone is watching me as I speak. I can not avoid is a stressful situation for me...

Laura Gómez said...

I know I do manage to make myself understood, most of the time at least. Nevertheless, I hesitate and begin shaking at the very moment of starting my speech (I mean in the exams).

Despite that, in the oral exam in June, I realized I felt much more relaxed and confident when speaking about a familiar topic as step 1 tells us. Good tip!

Very interesting video!

raul tolosa said...

To my mind, talking in public isn´t a comfortable situation to anyone or at least to me. Sometimes you´re doing an exam which you want to pass, or talking to your colleagues and boss...
As the video says, confidence is a key point and it could be gained, rehearsing.
So, let´s grit our teeths and try!!

Mariluz said...

To my mind I´ll say that these kinds of videos are very useful to be confident when you have to face up to many different situations like meetings, exams or when you need to express your opinion.
Furthermore, you can use this piece of advice to speak in any language, can’t you??
We only have to practice again and again and in a short period of time, we will have lost our fears.
In conclusion, The more we speak in public, the more confident we feel ourselves.

I´m copletely agree, it is a very interesting video!!

Sara Carrero said...

I think that these videos are very useful.

In my opinion, the most important problem when you speak in front of an audience is nervousness and I think it’s a good advice not to look at the audience’s faces but to look at the audience as a group.

On the other hand, you must feel self-confident in front of other people and, you must have got a wide knowledge about the subject you are going to speak.