Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Hugh Laurie: the British accent vs the American

Enjoy this video and pick up some USEFUL English and American slang!
Answer these questions:
1-What does the phrase "I'm suffed to bit by your ba-donka-donk" mean?
2-What's another way of saying "chat"?


shadow said...

Hugh Laurie says I´m chuffed to bits by your Ba Donka Donk . In my opinion and according their explanations it means something like I´m really pleased by your big bottom (?), because she says Ba Donka Donk means an extremely curvaceous female behind and he says Chuffed to bits is like I´m really pleased by something
Another way to say Chat is Chin Wag.

Erasmo Navarrete said...


Chary said...

They are speaking about different words and their meanings.
Flossing means showing off.
Chin Wag means chat.
Ba-donka-donk means extremely female behind, I think it is the bottom. Ellen said him; she likes his ba-donka-donk.
Chuffed to bits, it is to be really pleased. And Hugh gave an example, ‘ I’m chuffed to bits by your ba-donka-donk.
Shawty means a young man or woman

Eugenio said...

I agree with my class-mates.
Chuffed to bits is to be delighted,indeed.

Eugenio said...

Maybe the presenter says "Shawty is a young kid or a woman". But I am not sure in this matter.

Erasmo Navarrete said...

Very good. Most of you got the right answers!
Chin is the lower part of your face and wag is what a dog does with its tail when it's happy! = CHAT
...and Ba bonka donk is a extremely curvatious woman from behind!